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Surfing and Yoga

Collette Yoga instructor for Surf Hawaii - Surf School on the North Shore, OahuAloha!

North Shore Yoga Co-Op is an exciting effort of yoga teachers on the North Shore of Oahu coming together! We are here to provide yoga to the community as a service, as seva. We offer several different types of yoga, as well as teachers trained in different lineages from various regions of the world. We offer different forms of hatha yoga, which is a balance between opposites... Hatha yoga balances "ha" or sun/stimulating energy with "tha" or moon/calming energy. Our goal is to provide a safe space to access the entire body and mind connection.

We welcome students of all levels and backgrounds!

Benefits for Surfing

Kate Yoga instructor for Surf Hawaii - Surf School on the North Shore, OahuOur Yoga class was designed to help you evolve physically, mentally and spiritually.
At the physical level, yoga is extremely effective in increasing flexibility and lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons, not to mention excellent toning of the muscles. All that will give you more stamina and make you more agile, help heal existing injuries and prevent new ones. Balance and lung capacity will show great improvement as well.

At a more mental and spiritual level, the constant practice of Yoga will bring you a higher level of awareness and understanding of your own body and mind. Yoga for Surfers at Surf Hawaii - Surf School on the North Shore, OahuCombined with the postures, meditation and breathing exercises will help you improving your focus and concentration, and teach you a lot of self control. All those benefits will help you deal with the emotions that come with surfing, like fear, anxiety, excitement, and all that rush that goes through your head while dropping down a big wave or during a bad wipe out.

Keep your mind and body in balance, and you will be surfing better, longer and stronger.


Donation Classes!

North Shore Yoga Co-Op. Located in Waialua at the Weinberg Community Center! 67-174 Farrington Hwy. Waialua, Hi 96791. Feel free to contact through email or give them a call at (808)341-7133 or (808)349-3650. (YOGA ONLY)

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Learn more about Donation Yoga click HERE.

Please contact us for Private Yoga classes!

Email: /
Phone: 1 (808) 295-1241 (Remember Hawaii is 5 hours behind East Coast, US during Winter and 6 hours during Summer)

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